Wednesday, 29 June 2011

TIO #85 Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

Having a small war with blogger again this morning grrrr..... It posted my tag when I didn't want it to, then didn't post when it was scheduled for! Rant over.
This week we are dreaming about the seaside over at DragonsDream TIO Challenge. I can't tell you how hard it was for me not to do seahorses lol. I created my background with pastels for a change. I love these metallic ones, they have a fab shine to them in real life. The stamps I've used are a mix of Crafty Individuals and Rubbadubberdoo, stamped out with stazon. It's a shame our little pier doen't look like this one, lets hope the regeneration scheme includes it in their plans!! Elizabeth x


Wanda said...

You have achieved a lovely summery evening sky with this one. Love the little pier. Very appropriate verse.
Wanda xx

Helen said...

I just love your tag today! The pier is just fab.

Zoechaos said...

Never mind blogger problems Elizabeth your tag is up and it is fabulous. Reminds me of a day in Brighton one autumn, the stirling's roost on the pier's there flying in great formations and making the most amazing patterns in the sky. On each swoop a few break off to settle on the pier supports, while more fly in to join the display. Always at dusk and looking out to the horizon as the sun was setting there was a faint rainbow where sky met sea. The conditions were perfect for a magic sight. Your tag has brought the whole spectral back thank you. XOXO Zoe

Dragon said...

woo, you slipped in in the end... dratted blogger eh!!! But it was SO worth it, as you have really captured by the sea... that pier is so perfectly placed

Netty said...

Beautiful seaside tag, loving the array of colours. x