Thursday, 9 July 2020

Imagination Crafts New Releases

Scrape layers of the Green and Taffy paint down the canvas using a palette knife.

Dry and repeat the process using white gesso, to knock back the strong green colour, and add an etherial look to the canvas.

Freehand paint in some long grasses and stems, so you can extend the height of the flowers.

Place the stencil over the top of the stems, and just use the flower heads, randomly moving to create organic flower heads.

Keep adding flowers until you are happy with your canvas. Dry and add white highlights using a No10 white gelly roll pen.

This technique will give you a very sketchy organic look to your canvas.

Finish by using a blossom stencil across the bottom of the canvas, stippling the flowers in white/blue.

Dry and dry brush using white gesso to knock them back into the rest of the foliage.

Using the same technique as the canvas base, scrape down the Platinum randomly down the canvas to add a sheen.

Finish by adding the gold wax around the edge of the canvas to create a golden frame to your work.

To finish off go around the main flowers and grasses and add shading using a purple polycolor pencil.

Happy Crafting
Elizabeth x


Jenny Marples said...

LOVE the way you've built up those whispy ethereal layers to create such a beautiful natural meadow scene on your canvas. Thank you for sharing your clever techniques xx

DorothyA said...

So pretty! Thanks for sharing your layering of color process.