Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sunshine on a Rainy Day!

Thought I'd share a couple of photo's from weekend which I managed to snap in between the showers!
This is the view from the jetty at Rhos, looking back across the beach at Colwyn Bay, dripping toffee fudge ice-cream in hand!
A short walk towards Llandudno takes you to the smallest Chapel in Wales, St Tudno's, which holds regular services to this day.
A short walk back towards Colwyn Bay and you will reach the Rhos Ffynach, well it would be rude not to have lunch and a cheeky glass of vino!

      Look at the colour of that sky! It was a lovely walk down there, but have to confess to getting a taxi back up the hill lol, well not long since I finished physio, my excuse anyway.  Hate having my picture taken, but gave in. xxx


Beryl said...

Thanks for sharing these photos although they have brought a lump to my throat.I'm so missing Wales. Great picture of you.
Beryl xx

Trish x said...

What lovely pictures Elizabeth, I must confess to only having been to visit family in Swansea and haven't seen much more of Wales. I did once go on a narrow boat down the Llangothlan canal(think I might have spelt that wrong :-/ ). Must put it on my "to visit" list
Trish xx

starcyl said...

This looks so lovely, haven't been since last year so we are due a visit. Don't know why you don't like having your pip taken you look fine in fact you're quite photogenic.
Jenny x