Monday, 25 March 2013

Honey I'm Home!

I feel like I've been away for a month! I had a great week down at Denman college, my assignments have all been finished and signed off, so it's just a case of waiting till May to see if I've passed!
So having eaten huge amounts of cake and home made biscuits, I'm back trying to be good again!
I am sorry not to have been peeking around the blogs as much over the last few weeks, but I'm now have that rare thing "spare time" again lol, and I will do my best to catch up over the next few days. Although on Wednesday I have to look after Adam Hensen at out Spring Council meeting at Llangollen, such a hard job, but somebody has to do it lol. xxx


Inkypinkycraft said...

Glad you are home safe and sound! Hugs trace x

Redanne said...

Nice to have you back, fingers crossed that you pass your exams. If you find it too much of a struggle to look after Adam, I know someone that might just be Hugs, Anne x

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Welcome back :)

May said...

Welcome home...May x x x

Beryl said...

I'm sure you'll pass Elizabeth - but I'll wish you good luck anyway.
Who is Adam Henson?
Beryl xx

ElizabethR said...

Beryl he's the farmer off countryfile and a lovely chap. Sadly our meeting has been postponed due to the snow. There's just too much of it on the Pavillion roof and the council say it's unsafe, I have a small cob on lol xxx