Monday, 26 March 2012

Can't Sleep!!

Was lay in bed watching the space station passing by at 3am, wide awake!! So I decided to get up, brew up and make a start on new stock for the Country Market. I've also got a few more other craft fairs lined up next month, so I needed a topping up session. Before 10am I'd finished 7 pairs of earrings, 11 stretch bracelets and one cuff bracelet, all made from glass, shell or crystal (the photo doesn't show the sparkle off very well).
The cuff may not make it to the stand.................... lol. xxx


Beryl K said...

These are beautiful pieces Elizabeth
Beryl x

Janet said...

Lovely jewellery. Try not to work so hard, Elizabeth. You need your sleep.

Janet xx

Claire said...

Gorgeous jewellery Elizabeth, I guess counting beads makes a change from counting sheep
Claire xx

Wanda said...

Gorgeous, especially the cuff - love that one!