Monday, 26 March 2012

Still Awake lol

Well after several buckets of caffine I'm still standing and have managed to make three headbands (one was downstairs when I took the piccie and I am up lol),and also four more felted corsages, so have had a productive day at last.
These have turned out a bit bigger than the last batch, don't know how I managed that one!!! Need to make about another 50 of these before the Vintage Easter Fair in Llanrwst, as they always sell. I have two days there then it's back down to Conwy for a Sunday Country Market. Summer season here we come!!


Janet said...

I have never met a millionaire - will you be the first?

Janet xx

Claire said...

Ooh they are lovely Elizabeth! Love the headbands and the felting is stunning. I've just bought a felting kit, you'll have to give me some tips lol
Claire xx

Beryl K said...

These are fabulous Elizabeth, you have been busy
Beryl x

Beryl said...

Lovely work Elizabeth. Sounds like you may have to give up sleep altogether for a while for you to get all those corsages made for Llanrwst.
Beryl xx

Wanda said...

All are lovely. You have been busy. And 50 to be done - yikes! Like the headbands too. When do you plan on sleeping?

Jen said...

All so lovely Elizabeth, hope the sales go well.
Jen x

Hettie said...

Those are gorgeous corsages and headbands. Good luck at the craft fairs.