Sunday, 3 June 2012

London 2012

How very British is this photo that my friend Lea managed to take, just before the traffic lights changed! Two seconds later it was a very different picture.
Had a great couple of days down in London this week. The traffic was bedlam as some of the major roads had already closed ready for the weekend.
We managed to see The Lion King, which was fantastic, and six grown up women sat with their mouths open for most of the show!!!

The WI annual general meeting took place at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday, and the Advisers were lucky enough to sit in the choir stalls, at the side of the organ, above the stage. I have to confess that I had tears in my eyes when we sang Jerusalem, it was very moving, and wow, to sing in the choir stalls!!
It was a great meeting with the very lovely Julian Fellows starting the guest list off and a total surprise of the Strictly Come Dancing gang finishing afternoon off for us. How perfect for me lol!! soo glad to be back home though, and the slower pace of life. Elizabeth x


Beryl said...

Glad yiu had a fab time Elizabeth. Jerusalem always gets me. Must have been wonderful is such a grand place.
Beryl xx

Rainbow Lady said...

He he Julian Fellows... I was his cook in 'Monarch of the Glen' don't you know??? lol .. he is so lovely. Glad you had a good time xx