Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Well I'm still sorting out the things I want to exhibit on Friday, can't believe it's so close, might start panicking soon!
This is a pen drawing of my cat Jasper done many years ago, he was a beautiful chap, but very moody, and boy could he pack a punch! We broke in to a house to rescue him, as the previous occupiers had done a bunk, and left him locked inside. Confession over lol.
It must be nearly thirty years since we lost him, so this scribbling is older than that which shocked me, as it doesn't seen that long ago. Elizabeth x


Redanne said...

Jasper is a beautiful chap, we had a female cat called Wotchit and she could pack a punch too, we miss her even after 5 years. She had a charmed life and lived to be 23 so she didn't do so bad. Hugs, Anne x

Janet said...

Wonderful drawing of a much appreciated feline friend. I love animals with attitude - we had one called Uncle Joe and he was fearsome but I loved him very much. Well done saving Jasper.

Janet xx

Beryl said...

Amazing artwork Elizabeth and how lovely to have such a personal reminder of a dear family member.
Beryl xx