Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Off on the road again!

Can't believe I've been awol for over a week! And though I have been very productive, I can't share what I've been up to as it's mostly for the County shows, me being a WI girl and all, and Kirsty might be spying lol, so I will share those after the event.
So here's a peek at my gorgeous stash of Hand Dyed Wensleydale and Merino wools all boxed up ready for next weeks felting class WI House in Denbigh, then it's off on a road trip around North Wales teaching in various places, can't wait as it's a chance for me to have a play as well, and lots of WI tea and cakes!!!!!
The WI Ladies will be learning how to make a hand felted corsage and embellish it with fibres and crystal. This is just the tip of the "woolball" my dining room is stuffed to the seams with boxes of gorgeousness!!

One hundred and sixty something (lost count) boxes of gorgeous glitzy fibres along with some very sparkly crystals for embellishing the centres of the corsages.
I'm trying to make as many samples as I can between now and next Tuesday, using darker colours that I wouldn't normally choose like the reds, oranges and burgundy's.

So have pulled a couple of boxes out for myself to play with, well it would be rude not to, wouldn't it?
 Am doing a talk at Colwyn Bay WI this evening on crafting so had better get the car loaded up.
Elizabeth x


Rita said...

What beautiful colours of wool Elizabeth. Your corsage is stunning. I too have been a member of our WRI in Scotland for 35 years. Hugs Rita xx

Julie Lee said...

Oh, I love felting and have always wanted to know how to do it! I wish I lived nearer and could take a class with you! Hope your talk goes really well! Julie Ann xx

Redanne said...

Your felted flower is a real stunner, I think your ladies are going to have lots of fun making their own. Hugs, Anne x

starcyl said...

Love that and all that wool in such yummy colours, when can I come and play?
Jenny xx

Beryl said...

Wow - you are in demand these days aren't you Elizabeth. I hope you have a lovely week inspiring the WI ladies of North Wales.
Beryl xx