Wednesday 16 October 2013

Dragons Dream TIO #152 TV Show,Fabric, Neutrals and Bling

This time over at the Dragons Dream Helen has chosen the theme of a TV Show, Fabric, Cream/Neutrals and Bling/Sparkles.
I've gone with Brideshead Revisited, an amazing series set in beautiful surroundings with the very gorgeous Jeremy Irons as one of the leading men, what more could a girl ask for!
There was a Teddy in the series and I think he was called Mr Algenon if I remember correctly. So "Sleeping George" from IndigoBlu is playing the role for my tag, along with lots of Prima flowers and a mixture of bling, and some crotcheted lace from the craft shop at Denman College.
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Elizabeth x


Silvia(Barnie) said...

That's lovely. I don't know this show, but love what you did :)

Beryl said...

This is soo gorgeous Elizabeth. I didn't watch the series but love how you got from Jeremy Irons to the cuddly teddy.
Beryl xx

Claudia N. said...

I LOVED Brideshead Revisited!!!
Anthony Andrews and Jeremy Irons were sooo utterly fab and Mr. Algenon was too ;)

Love your sleeping George - he seems to be dreaming of daisies and sparkling skies ;)

Lovely tag!

Claudia x

Helen said...

I loved Brideshead! (Sebastian's teddy was called Aloysius though) Great tag, it's gorgeous. Sorry you had so little notice...