Friday, 16 February 2018

My New Favourite Die......Eileen Hull's Wrap Around Journal Part One

I feel so naughty sharing this, favourite die at the moment is the new Wrap Journal Die from Eileen's Book Club Sizzix Collection Chapter Two. This won't be launching until Summer, but boy will it be worth the wait!! Imagine creating Wrap Journals with Mat Board, Leather and all things that a Bigz Die can cut.

My journal was cut from a piece of a piece of Sizzix Matboard and covered with a piece of the gorgeous Jane Davenport Deli paper, these sheets are huge as you can see from the picture above.

I used a multi medium to adhere the paper to the board, and as it dried the wrinkles appeared, o flip....

So not one to be put off by a few wrinkles here and there I lightly sanded everything back, and neatened up the edges and crease lines. Now we are good to go!

This paper is a great way of achieving a mixed media look if you are new to the style, or just want a quick way of covering a journal.

After brushing any loose dust away from the sanding, I gave the cover a light dry brushing of white gesso. This added to the dreamy colours of the papers, and hid any marks from the sanding :)

Then inspired by Eileen's Valentine Shaker Tutorial (you can find the first half HERE) I embraced my wrinkles with a Limited Edition shade Treasure Gold which has no name, but it's a rich deep Kingfisher shade. I added this in a randomly with my finger, then using a cotton wool bud added some into the scored fold lines, to loose the brightness of the white.

I'd forgotten how gorgeous using a coloured wax on a project is, and got slightly carried away......I love that shade of gold, especially over the kingfisher.

So a nice easy mixed media cover in how many steps, paper, gesso, and two different waxes......yes four steps after adhering the paper to the board!

So then it was time to flip the cover over and decorate the inside. It couldn't be simpler than grabbing watercolours and creating random stripes that overlap each other, I chose three colours purple, pink and blue from my Koi water colour box.

Then for extra decoration used the smaller Mandala stamp from Jane Davenport, in a Vibrant Violet StazOn ink. And yes don't worry I did clean my stamp afterwards.

I used a blush pink elastic fastened is a very simple way ready to add my signatures. I love the shade of the elastic and the straight lines on the spine of the journal, and it matched the cover perfectly.

It took me longer to decide what type of fastener I wanted, than it did to make the journal. There are so many ways to create closures.

In the end I opted for a magnetic closure, which was easy to attach and hide with the help of a little worker Bee. Well I am Mancunian after all.

So there's the cover all ready and waiting for the signatures, I'll be sharing those in a new post next week after I get home from Creativation UK.

Don't forget to check out the rest of the team's favourite dies over at the Eileen Hull Fan Club on Facebook. You will find bucket loads of links, inspiration, hints and tips, and you might just spot a fabulous giveaway from time to time!

Happy Crafting
Elizabeth x


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Gorgeous Elizabeth, the waxes really add a wonderful opulent feel to your journal and I love the focus on the eye. The bee embellishment is perfect. Have a lovely weekend. Tracy x

Kristy Tyra said...

Love it!

Karen said...

Complete yummyness!

Jenny Marples said...

Absolutely love how you embraced the wrinkles and made them work with the gesso and wax! And the worker bee closure is just the best. LOVE it all! xx

Unknown said...

I love how you broke the steps down for us. It is a beautiful book.

Susie Bentz: My Time to Play said...

Yummy! I love that you embraced your wrinkles! Great project!