Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Eileen Hull's Holiday Inspiration

I didn't have anything suitable for dressing a Holiday table, or so I thought..... I then remembered the Spring Leaves Die - Perfect!

I set about die cutting from a selection of autumnal coloured felt. Such a quick process and the die will easily cut through a couple of layers of felt at a time.

I cut out a circle of cream felt and adhered a a selection of leaves around the underside of the edge, perfect to use as a coaster, or hold that important bottle of Fizz for the celebrations.

My original plan was to machine sew the leaves onto a base of dissoluble backing, but as I couldn't find it, sod's law! I decided to hand stitch instead, using a neutral thread and a running stitch to create a vein. The leaves are held together with a small stitch underneath. I might even make it a little bigger for next year.

Happy Holidays
Elizabeth x