Tuesday 18 May 2021

Trash to Treasure for Eileen Hull Inspiration Team



I think I've made journals out of most things over the years, as I love a good recycle. So I've taken this months theme the other way and used something unusual that I've never used in a project before and given it a new lease of life with Eileen's Mandala Die.


This is actually a plastic tub that Protein Powder comes in. Its quite a size and makes a fantastic vase, usually they end up in the recycling box, but not this time!


I took all the labels off and cleaned the plastic tub before giving it a coat of Verdigris Rusty Patina. Once dry I die cut four Mandala's out of the gorgeous Rose Gold Aluminium Sheets and adhered them around the tub evenly spaced. I wasn't to concerned about all of the small elements being removed from the image as I would be adding more Patina over the top.  I then stippled Verdigris, Duck Egg and Cafe Creme Rusty patina's to give the pot an aged look, with glints of Rose gold showing though, just like a vintage Copper vase.

Once dry I added Rose Gold Lustre Wax to highlight some of the texture around the vase. Such a cool tecnique to create an illusion of a heavy Copper vase, but this is light as a feather as it's plastic.......

I love using my dies in different ways, and adding decorative elements to home decor pieces is such fun. I am empying an even big tub now so I create a matching big brother to this pot.


Happy Crafting

Elizabeth x

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Lisa Hoel said...

from trash to treasure indeed! love this Elizabeth. =)

eileen hull said...

So pretty Elizabeth- it's hard to believe considering you started with a plastic jar! Love it- so classy!

Jenny Marples said...

Loving how you've totally transformed that pot from a piece of trash to a thing of beauty. The mandalas make a huge difference adding to that textured surface. Love your choice of colours too x

Julia Aston said...

Wow - who knew plastic could look so good! This is SO pretty in the textured blue with the mandala die and beautiful yellow blooms!