Monday, 24 May 2010

Lavinia small Fairies

Hope I can get these nails clean for the morning! Inked up the background in soothing sunset on Clarity card, added mountains and a sun.
Stamped over with Lavinia Fairies, toadstools and an acrylic stamp from QVC in Memento black tuxedo.


starcyl said...

I like this Elizabeth, really must get to grips with a bit of brayering. Those faries really do look like they are having fun!

Jenny xx

Janette said...

Love it Elizabeth. I have not attempted brayering yet, but it is on my to do list when things settle down with Mum.

Christine said...

Beautiful Elizabeth, you are inspiring us to use our brayer when we see the stunning effects you can achieve.
Christine x

Beryl said...

Wonderful Elizabeth. You are so good at these backgrounds and scenes.
Beryl xx

Wanda said...

It's lovely Elizabeth. You really have got the hang of using the brayer!

Janet said...

Magical! Do your fairies really live in those little houses or are they just visiting?

Janet xx