Monday, 1 August 2011

Blooming Roses!!

Well here we go again just got a moment to show you the corsages that I've been making for the Country Market. This is a small selection from todays batch (which I hope will see me through the 2 markets this week lol). all are die cut from Sir Tim's Tatty Flower, the felt ones are then needle felted with various shades of wool and felted together. The leather ones are just sewn together, hence my very sore fingers!!!! Here's a couple of piccies to show the building up stage.

Sore fingers crossed - Elizabeth xxx


Janet said...

Absolutely lovely, m'dear. I love the colour tones you have achieved and the leather ones are gorgeous. Have your got a thimble?

Janet xx

Claire said...

Well worth the sore fingers Elizabeth, they are stunning! I love em and I bet they'll sell like hot cakes
Claire xx

Beryl K said...

These are lovely Elizabeth, I hope the sore fingers ease soon. Go look out a thimble
Beryl x

starcyl said...

These are stunning Elizabeth, pity about the sore fingers but so worth it.
Jenny xx

Christine said...

These are gorgeous Elizabeth, well worth the sore fingers. They are certain to sell out.
Christine xx

fairy thoughts said...

these are gorgeous,I have made a few of these too, they are great to do, they are a great shape