Friday, 18 November 2016


 The Circle Dots Background stamp makes a fabulous firework display !!!

I cut a piece of watercolour card to 5 3/4" square as I love working with 6" square cards. I added diluted Luscious Powders in lots of different colours randomly to the stamp. 

I then spritzed the stamp with water to make sure all the luscious was wet, then applied the stamp to the watercolour card. I even managed to get a couple of extra impressions from the stamp for future use.

I decided not to spritz the card as I like the effect and the powders were starting to move on the watercolour card anyway.

 Whilst that was drying I mixed some Purple Luscious Powder in with some Super Thick Slap It On it has a beautiful soft sheen when mixed in, and I couldn't resist adding a little of the Unicorn Sparkles for a little extra glimmer.

I applied the paste through the Sparkle and Glisten Stencil and carefully lined the edge of the watercolour card with some of the green Luscious powder, before setting it on one side to dry.
It was then Matted onto a piece of lilac cardstock slightly bigger than the watercolour card and added to a 6" square card blank, and as always I just can't resist a sequin or two!!

Happy Crafting,
Elizabeth x

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