Tuesday 27 March 2018

Organising with Eileen Hull's Card Organiser Die

This year we are doing our best to become more organised at home. We both love collecting vintage things and having little collections out on display, and sometimes they need containing.
My Husband collects vintage clocking in machines, and if he can find them, original clocking in cards. He bought this machine (many years ago) when he was an apprentice at Rolls Royce. The company modernised and upgraded to electric machines, so the beautiful old wooden ones were sold. The machine is in our Dining Hall, and the cards were just loose on the top, gathering dust and getting knocked off and damaged, so time to get him organised!

I cut out the Card Organiser Die three times using Sizzix Mat Board, as I wanted the organiser to be sturdy.

Next I die cut a piece of Graphic 45 paper, making sure I had the sides plus a little overhang to wrap around the edge. I cut the paper down the centre, and as I only need this to cover the sides, only one die cut was needed.

Next I assembled the storage boxes. I use a strong wet glue along with a little strong tape, for an instant grab. Then I use clothes pegs to hold everything in place whilst it dries.

Once the three compartments were completely dry, I used strong wet glue to join the three of them together, to create the storage unit. I found three hardbacked books to slide one inside of each section, and then turned it on it's side with another book on top to hold it all together until the glue was dry.

Once dry I covered both the sides of the unit with the paper, overlapping the front and back for a nice neat finish. Because the paper is fitting over the outside of the Mat Board, it creates a border at the top, showing the white of the unit, which I really liked. I had planned to ink the edges in a darker shade, but I love the clean shabby look this gives.

I trimmed down a couple of pieces of Mat Board, one to cover the back of the unit, and another to cover the front. Again I changed my mind, and decided to leave them white and not cover them with paper or ink.  So I only used half a sheet of a 12"x12" piece of paper!

I layered the bookplate Mat Board frame with the paper, and adhered it on three sides, leaving the top open, so a card would slip in. I added this to the front of the storage unit, I really love how this unit turned out, and it was so very easy to create.

So there you have it Mr Robinson's new storage unit to hold his Vintage Clocking In Cards, nice, tidy and organised, and co-ordinating with our decor.
And check out the time, I only realised when I uploaded the photo's, five more minutes and they would have been the same time!!

This is one of those fantastic dies designed to help you get organised, something in this house is a must!

Time to make one for me now, to hold all the bits of ephemera that I collect for my Junk Journals.

Happy Crafting.
Elizabeth x

Sizzix Scoreboard Card Organiser https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/567202106/sizzix-scoreboards-card-organizer?ref=shop_home_active_13

Eileen Hull Etsy Shop https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/EileenHull?ref=l2-shopheader-name

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Cec said...

Very special. I am sure Mr. Robinson will love that you have made something to keep his vintage treasures from being ruined.