Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Eileen Hull's New Phone Stand Die



I am always forgetting where I last put my phone down..................now come on I'm not the only one right?

So I've created a designated place for my phone to sit in the living room using Eileen's new Phone Stand Die. It's pretty, practical and co ordinates with my eclectic style.

I can have a Phone Stand to co ordinate with the decor in my Bedroom, Kitchen, in fact where ever I use my phone, And the best part is the angle is perfect for reading recipes, texts etc leaving my hands free.

Now I just need to remember which stand my phone is on................


So gorgeous and practical, and makes a perfect gift or fund raising project!!!!

Happy Crafting

Elizabeth x

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Lisa Hoel said...

Beautiful Elizabeth!

eileen hull said...

Yes we all have the same problems :-) I love your pretty stand- and it matches your Book Box <3