Sunday, 11 March 2012


Had a great day out on Monday at WI House in Denbigh, where we learned how to make a facinator. It's very gorgeous ivory silk in the flesh, and I am quite pleased with my little self for finishing it!! All the sewing of small beads on to the silk with invisible thread was hard work, but worth it in the end lol. May have a go at something a little smaller to sell at the CM, but don't think there would be a lot of call for one of these.


Claire said...

Wow Elizabeth, thats stunning! You are clever
Claire xx

fairy thoughts said...

well done, it looks fab do you have something special to go to to wear it ?

Faye said...

Beautiful work, Elizabeth. I'll have to look up fascinator on Wikipedia. Seems like back in the 40s there was something called that but I was too young to wear one.