Wednesday 23 October 2019

Eileen Hull's Pocket Notebook

I really need somewhere to keep my paint and ink swatches recorded. I'm forever buying the same colour twice, and I must admit I love seeing the rainbow of colours down on paper!

So I started by cutting out Eileen's new Pocket Notebook, keeping the full width of the spine so I could have five signatures or spaces for colour charts.

Love all things beachy, the colours, the textures and of course the fabulous images. I love the Cadence Rusty Patina's and the effects you can create. I started by adding Patina Brown around all the edges and the spine, using a stencil brush.

Then using the same method of application added the Patina Mold Green, blending it out into the Patina Brown.

The to add a few highlights I stippled on a little of the Ecru. This knocks back the dark colours and makes the Notebook a little more coastal shabby.

Don't forget when the spine is folded you can see the white of the Matt Board, so add a little more Patina to get rid of the white.

Next I added my design using one of the Cadence stencils I brought back from my trip over to their academy in August. It has a mix of coastal designs and is perfect for the cover. I used a mix of both white and black gesso through the stencil.

To stay with the organic feel of the notebook I used Sari Silk to create somewhere for my charts to slip into, instead of elastic. I only used three sections, and to add decoration to the outside, I tied all the strands  together in the centre. I will hunt out some shell charms to add on later.

Love how this one turned out, I am so pleased. And I can have fun creating the charts to fit inside now.

Hope I've inspired you to try something a little different.

Happy Crafting.
Elizabeth xxx

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bkazoo said...

I love this. Great idea of how to use it