Saturday, 8 August 2020

Imagination Crafts USB2 - Divine

Print out one sheet of the rice paper and using a wet paintbrush take out the girls head.

Adhere it to your canvas quite near to the top.

Using a pencil take the lines down from the neck and create shoulders and a basic body shape.

Decoupage the body using the paler shades of browns from the left-over rice paper.

Create a border around the edge of the canvas using the darker pieces of the left-over rice paper.

Dry brush the entire canvas using white gesso. Make sure the canvas is dry and start building the backgound colour, using pistachio green, royal blue and delano. Dry and knock back with a light dry brushing of white gesso.

Add shading to the image using dilute black gesso, making sure it's well blended into the background, so there are no harsh lines.

Add stencilling using black gesso and define the eyes, cheeks and lips using and combination of paints and paint pens.

Happy Crafting.
Elizabeth x

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Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

She's amazing Elizabeth, always fabulous images from Imagination Crafts and quality too. These USB's make me want a printer again, i've not had one for many years now as the children would just eat up the ink (not literally may I add!!) Thanks so much for sharing this beauty. Hugs Tracey xx