Saturday, 8 August 2020

Imagination Crafts USB 2 - Destiny

Print off two copies of the Hare Rice Paper. Using a damp paintbrush  take the Hare out completely and split the paper into two pieces. Adhere to opposite corners.

Start building up the colour by first stippling orange acrylic paint.

Stipple the next layer using Sedona, leaving a little orange peeping through.

Build up the layers using light brown, and if needed a little more of the other two colours until you are happy with your background.

Stencil the tree branches, script and the moon using a mix of light brown paint with a little black gesso added to darken it up.

Create splatters with a mix of white gesso and orange paint.

Making sure the light orange splatters are dry, go back over and add splatters of diluted gold wax to create a sky full of stars.

Adhere two Hare images to a scrap of acrylic packaging using the fabric decoupage glue, and leave to dry.

Once dry carefully cut out and decoupage the layers. Add a fine layer of gold wax to the edges to create a more defined edge.

Adhere the Hare to the canvas using raised foam pads.

Happy Crafting
Elizabeth x

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Dakota said...

Chapter 4 so neat!