Thursday 18 April 2024

Hello Sunshine Mini Book
I love my Mini Book and it was so simple to create using Eileen Hull's Mini Book Die. I cut out the full journal in matboard then ran my two chosen patterned sheets of paper for my outer and inside covers through. I trimmed the spine of both covers, taking the inner one ever so slightly inside of the crease line so it didn't create any bulk.

I cut out a selection of papers using Eileen's Faux Postage Dies to use as embellishments alonf with the 49&Market Butterflies and Flowers.

I covered the outer spine in cheesecloth and added the outer covers back and front. Then it was just a case of decorating, my favourite part!

The inner pages are concertinered with lots of embellishments. This was created with a 12" x 3 1/2" strip of patterned paper, scored at every 1 1/2".

I glued a long strip of Sari Ribbon to the inner right hand cover and adhered the concertinered book over the top. The ribbon comes out of the book and one side wraps around the front of the cover and back round to meet the other side of it's self. This then hold the book closed with a bow.

I'll leave you now with lots of photo's to have a closer look.

I'm so happy the way this Mini Book turned out that I've already started another one.

Happy Crafting

Elizabeth x

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Lisa Hoel said...

so pretty Elizabeth!

Cec said...

Gorgeous. The colour palette is so calming and the butterflies and flowers just scream "bring on summer".