Wednesday 20 March 2024

Eileen Hull New Releases - Lace 3D Textured Impressions A5 Folder
I don't know about you but when all the toys are out on the desk I am forever loosing my dies or die cuts.............. so in a bit to be more organised I made myself a little working folder.
I have two pockets on the inner right hand side to hold my die cuts and on the left hand side I have a magnetic sheet to hold my dies whilst I work. Why I ask myself have I not thought of this before!
I cut a piece of 49&Market paper 12" x 8 1/2" and embossed one side then flipped the folder round and embossed the other sided so the patterns mirrored each other.
This left a plain gap down the centre which made the perfect place to create a spine. I just carefully creased the paper where the pattern finished on both sides, and ended up with a 1/2" plain spine to write on.
I then inked all over the cover inside and out using crushed olive distress ink, it's quite a bright colour so hopefully the folder will be easy to find! This brought to life the wonderful Lave from the embossing folder.
On the inside I trimmed a sticky backed piece of magnetic and added it to the inside cover to hold my dies while I work, so annoying when those tiny dies go hiding! and on the right hand side I created two shallow pockets to hold the die cut pieces.
Happy Crafting

Elizabeth x

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Lisa Hoel said...

Brilliant idea Elizabeth!